Each year Coach Susan encourages the Spirit Orcas to come up with what others might consider crazy swim goals. She challenges them to thing beyond what they know they can do, and explore the possibility of achieving the unimaginable.

Their first year as a team they became the first and only known group of adults with developmental disabilities to swim a 35 km relay. The following year they swam the first known relay through Gunboat Pass in the Great Bear Rainforest on the central coast of British Columbia Canada. Following that, and during the first summer of COVID-19 the Spirit Orcas swam an 80 kilometre staged swim around the the Saanich Peninsula to Colwood.

With so many places to swim in British Columbia, the province in Canada where they live, the Spirit Orcas continue to embrace the possibilities as swim what others see as the impossible.

You can learn about their individual achievements on their personal pages in the team section of this website.


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