Ben Vanlierop 

aka Benny

Ben has always loved being in water. When he was a young boy he would often take baths twice a day just to be in the water. Originally an open water swimmer, at the age of 2 he learned to swim in Florence Lake.

Ben likes swimming all of the strokes and swims because he loves it. He is happy when in the water. Not too long ago he jumped into Lake Louise for a quick swim. 

When not swimming or working at Adriana’s Ben loves to take trips to Vancouver and Winnipeg and writes his own songs. One of his favorite ways to spend Sunday afternoon is performing at the Hootenanny. He is well known for “Daddy You’re too Cheap” and “No Banjos”. 

If you listen closely while Ben is swimming you may hear him singing along the way.

2018 – Lake Cowichan I, 35km relay member

2019 – Great Bear Swim I, Gunboat Pass, 25 km relay member

2020 – The Great Big Swim, Victoria, 80km staged relay member

2021 – Lake Cowichan II, 35km relay member

2022 – Great Bear 10km Swim (crew)


2020 – Sawatsky Sign-Off: Great Big Swim, CTV Vancouver Island News