Drew Sabourin

Drew first learned to swim at the age of 3 and a half at the Esquimalt Rec Centre. His favourite stroke is freestyle and he swims to stay fit. 

Drew likes swimming in both lakes and the ocean. He feels like he is part of nature when in the open water. For the past several years he has swum the 5 km event at Thetis Lake Swim in 1 and a half hours typically placing within the top 3. 

Drew likes whales and playing in water. He also likes being flexible about things, so they work out for everyone. This summer he swam in 6-foot waves in Cowichan.


2018 – Thetis Lake Swim, 5 km

2018 – Lake Cowichan I, 35 km relay member

2019 – Great Bear Swim I, Gunboat Pass, 25 km relay member

2020 – The Great Big Swim, Victoria, 80km staged relay member

2021 – Al’s 21 for 21, Thetis Lake, 10km

2021 – Lake Cowichan II, relay member

2022 – 21km solo swim at Thetis Lake

2022 – Great Bear 10km Swim