Pool Swim Club

a program for people with intellectual and physical disabilities

The Spirit Orcas Community Inclusion Project provides quality of life programs that further inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in mainstream society. One of the ways we do this is by providing accessible programs for people with intellectual disabilities and inviting others into that program. This approach amplifies the value of people with intellectual disabilities by putting them at the centre of our programs. It also promotes inclusion in a unique way. This Swim Club is an example of such a program as it invites people with physical disabilities to swim alongside people with intellectual disabilities.

The club’s goals are to

  • ­­­­Provide people with intellectual disabilities with a swim program where they feel safe and valued;
  • Provide others with an opportunity to swim along-side people with intellectual disabilities;
  • Create an environment where swimmers can set their own swim goals and receive help in achieving them;
  • Provide opportunities to compete in swimming events;
  • Build team spirit though social activities; and;
  • Manage the club for long-term stability.

Key information points:

Starting January 3, 2024 the Spirit Orca Swim Club will be using meeting at Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre on Vancouver Island three times per week: 5 pm-6 pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Coaching staff will include Susan Simmons, Peter Kremer and Jasmine Kremer.

The program will run for 10 months each year from October to July depending on pool availability.

Swim Canada insurance runs from September to August each year. As such, our membership fees will be running October through July, so for January to July 2024, the membership fees will be $330 ($280 fees+ $50 insurance).

The club is open to people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Registration Process:

To register

  1. please fill in the registration form and forward it swimclub@spiritorcas.ca.
  2. send a payment for $330 to finance@spiritorcas.ca *

* If you require alternative financial arrangements please contact Susan at swimclub@spiritorcas.ca

If you require further information, please contact.

Susan Simmons, Head Coach, Spirit Orca Swim Club

We give thanks to those who kindly donated to this new swim club and are grateful to you . We could not have done this without you.

Deborah McArthur, Heather & James Armstrong, Courtney Bardonner, Barbara Bialokoz, Wendy Burton, Margaret Case, Edward G Deneumoustier, Susanna Francis, Tenille Hoogland, Timothy Houlihan, Tracey Knight, Jocelyn Lalonde, Janice Manson, Chris Morte, Navali Skin and Laser, Coral Payne, Barb Peck, Marsha Petty-Johnson, Jan Simmons, Rhonda Harriet Talbot, Karen Tannas.

if you are interested in donating to the club please let us know.